And Then Came Jimmy!

The BEST Oahu experience! My wife and I were in Oahu for a couple of days before heading to Kauai. This meant trying to fit in some sight seeing in one day, while on the same day, trying to get a COVID test for our flight to Kauai the next day! Needless to say, the day started out as very hectic with a lot of unknowns. AND THEN CAME JIMMY!

After explaining to Jimmy what we wanted to accomplish, he quickly came up with a game plan. Jimmy helped us get set up for rapid COVID test before anything. He knew we wouldn’t enjoy anything with the COVID test hanging over our heads.

After the COVID test, Jimmy said “Now is the time to relax”. We saw sights and visited locations we’ll remember for a lifetime. And I have stories to tell our friends about all that places Jimmy showed us and the beaches we swam in.

And before we concluded our tour, we received our negative COVID tests!

You can’t go wrong with ETOHI Town & Country and no one explains it better than Jimmy!

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