Jimmy is a natural at hospitality

If you do not want to visit a tourist trap or just do something superficial. THIS IS THE TOUR FOR YOU!

Jimmy was born and raised on the island and he will show you the best places to visit. It”s not a canned tour but one tailored to your interests. I can tell you can’t see it all in one day so he finds out your interests and explains the choices. This is a top-notch tour, late model van, like new snorkel equipment, fluffy soft beach towels, beach chairs, healthy snacks, and drinks plus more.

My daughter and I were spoiled with him, he takes care of everything, including reef-safe sunscreen!!

He’ll take you where the locals go, all I can say is, it’s super special. It’s like a friend coming to your hometown and you take them to all the special places that are off the beaten path. Like the creek or pond, you swam in and place you hung out.

I could tell Jimmy loves what he does, sharing the history and beautiful places with his guests.

Both my daughter 18 (not easy to keep entertained) loved it.

He’s like one of your best friends showing the wonders of his world, along with history and stories!

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