Speechless… surpassed all my expectations

Headline: This tour surpassed my expectations and gave me a wonderful taste of Oahu even in very wet and windy weather (and Jimmy couldn’t control that!) And here is why I have no hesitation in giving him 5* (I try to be honest so please bear with me and read to the end)

Background: I am a single female visiting Hawaii for the first time from the UK. I have just under a week in Hawaii and was staying in Waikiki. I wanted to experience something of the rest of the island and the natural beauty of Hawaii and didn’t want to waste a money (e.g. spend some island tour waiting for people to finish their gift store visits). I am acutely aware that I may never have the chance to visit these islands again.

My Reservations: to be honest… My family worried about my touring with someone unknown alone and felt I would be safer in a group. I read the trip advisor reviews and thought ‘5* from everyone… that must be ‘too good to be true’.
I am so grateful that I took the ‘risk’ and booked the tour. Now I know why every person has given him 5* and now I will do the same.

This was my experience today: Jimmy rang me the day before (the tour was booed at short notice) as he wanted to make sure he had the right water/sodas onboard and to arrange a time. He was at my hotel maybe 10 minutes before the agreed time with a very comfortable vehicle that could have easily taken up to 5 people. He had not only a cooler of drinks but also some snacks ready for when they were needed. He asked me what I wanted and what I didn’t want and built the tour around me.

Let’s be honest… we had pretty extreme rain and wind today but even so the tour was everything I wanted – and more. Rather than simply going to the ‘lookout point’ Jimmy took me a just beyond that to some place no tourists ever go. I have not only amazing photos but amazing memories. All along the way Jimmy was taking photos in addition to my own which he has shared with me.
He found the perfect lunch place ‘for me’… we stopped for snacks along the way… if I wanted to stop somewhere we would… if I didn’t we didn’t… if I had spotted something that interested me as we drove by he would happily have stopped.

In summary: An unforgettable day, a unique taste of Oahu, no regrets but many many memories.
Thank you Jimmy.

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