ETOHI: Exclusive Transportation Of Hawaii LLC – Terms of Service

Terms of Service for passengers of Exclusive Transportation Of Hawaii LLC dba ETOHI regarding its booking policy, service policy and terms and conditions as a whole.

Refund Policy

  • Regular Booking via OTA’s or website: 100% refund 24 hours before service date and time. 50% refund there after.
  • Specials, Deals and Groups: 50% fee will be assessed for any cancellation
  • No refunds for no shows or violating our company policy. 

Itinerary Policy

“PASSENGERS” agree that all itinerary listed is for informational purposes and that attractions/locations may be closed or inaccessible due to circumstances beyond our control. Please visit the website of the attraction/location of interest for updated and logistical information.

Photo-Video Policy

You consent and agree to allow “ETOHI” to use any and/or all photos taken of “PASSENGERS” and by “PASSENGERS” for any and/or all forms of advertisements including but not limited to any and/or all types of print, media and social media platforms free of any past, present or future financial obligations, costs, charges and/or fees.

Risk & Waiver Policy

PASSENGERS” acknowledge that there may be known and unknown (hazards and risks) associated with any voluntarily booked “Products or Service” provided by “ETOHI” which could cause physical injuries, permanent disabilities, death and/or arrests, citations, deportation, fines and/or bankruptcy including long term emotional, financial, mental, and/or spiritual hardship.

Company Policy

“ETOHI” reserves the right to provide or deny service to anyone for any reason or to those who disrespect our culture and values. If “PASSENGERS” service is canceled for any violations that occur, no refund will be given and your service will end immediately. Kia’i authorities will be automatically notified.


You agree Exclusive Transportation Of Hawaii LLC, which includes all of its owners, partners, officers, directors, employees, volunteers, contractors, agents, representatives, lawyers, advisors, successors including all but not limited to its properties, websites, service providers, vehicles, business accounts, the State Of Hawaii, the City & County of Honolulu and assigns (together “ETOHI”) WILL NOT BE LIABLE OR HELD LIABLE – by You, your spouse, adult or minor children, heirs, executors, administrators, parents, siblings or guardians and/or all persons included in your reservation (together the “PASSENGERS”) for any loss of personal property, bodily injuries including any and/or all unfortunate incident(s) which could result in any and/or all temporary, short term, long term or permanent types of fines, law suites, emotional/financial/mental/personal/spiritual hardships, disabilities or deaths.


PASSENGERS” agree to defend and release “ETOHI” from any and/or all unfortunate incident(s) resulting in any and/or all types of temporary, short term, long term or permanent types of fines, law suites, emotional/financial/mental/personal/spiritual hardships, injuries, disabilities and/or deaths.


PASSENGERS” agree to be financially responsible and pay for any and/or all cost for any and/or all damages caused indirectly or directly as a direct result of “PASSENGERS” by any means, accidental or intentional to “ETOHI”.


PASSENGERS” agree that these terms of service agreement and all its contents and policies in totality is binding indefinitely and any and/or all court related matters regarding “ETOHI” will be held in courts located in City and County of Honolulu in the current State Of Hawaii.

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